LifeTown is for Everyone!

LifeTown will be a 47,000-sq.-ft. center that will redefine the landscape for individuals with special needs. Its recreational, therapeutic and educational facilities – the first of its kind in the region – will cater to the needs of all children, teens and adults.

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Ivy is 3 ½ and loves swimming just like her brother and sisters. LifeTown’s Aquatic Center will feature a zero-entry, therapeutic pool providing Ivy with hours of pure happiness and enjoyment. The pool will allow all children to experience the same magical feeling of freedom and mobility.


James is looking forward to spending time at LifeTown. While having fun in the indoor sensory play center or exploring the water room, James will be side-by-side with his friends and children with special needs. The bonds they build will create lasting friendships, leading to a more inclusive community.


Matthew loves participating in Friendship Circle programs. Life Village will provide Matthew with a familiar and inviting place to practice real-world scenarios from budgeting money to scheduling appointments. Teens and young adults with special needs will benefit from the hands on life-skills training they receive in LifeTown.


Kyra spends lots time volunteering at Friendship Circle and hanging out with teens who have special needs. LifeTown will be a place where they will enjoy taking in a show and grabbing a cup of hot cocoa in the café – just like she does with her school friends. As an inclusive center, LifeTown will provide an ordinary slice of life in a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment.


Max enjoys the camaraderie of working at Friendship Circle and assisting with programs. At LifeTown, Max will expand his repertoire of job skills and spend quality time with peers. LifeTown’s programming will help young adults discover their talents, share similar interests and be active socially.


Mara inspires Friendship Circle teens to express their creative talents. LifeTown’s art room and art gallery will allow her to offer her students even more opportunities to explore their artistic side. LifeTown will provide endless volunteer opportunities for adults to share their talents.