Reimagine Remote Learning

Empower your students to connect and succeed virtually

The LifeTown Virtual Experience is a unique, immersive educational program designed to revolutionize the special education, distance-learning experience. Building on the success of LifeTown, and utilizing 360° immersive platform, with screen-sharing and video chat, this one-of-a-kind, interactive experience allows teachers to interact with their students in real time. The LifeTown curriculum reinforces myriad IEP goals through daily life experiences—such as grocery shopping or utilizing banking services.

LifeTown Virtual Experience is user-friendly, while maintaining a creative and inviting design. LifeTown Virtual Experience immerses the user in real-life scenarios in realistic settings. LifeTown Virtual Experience addresses challenges of remote learning facing the special education world. LifeTown Virtual Experience is driven by educators and tech experts, resulting in an engaging, fun, and interactive educational space.

LifeTown Virtual Experience provides:

  •  Live, real-time, face-to-face, on-screen interactions between teachers and students
  • Immersive educational platform to reinforce IEP goals
  • Choice of curricula:
    • Time management
    • Budgeting
    • Social skills
    • Life-skills training
    • Additional topics under construction
  • Videos and social stories
  • Gaming platform for interactive activities
  • Shared controls for student-led navigation
  • Real-time diagnostic of educational goals
  • Dynamic platform continuously updated with feedback from teachers