It was an honor to have Governor Richard J. Codey and Senator Steve Sweeney visit LifeTown.

They were joined by Rabbi Moshe Herson, Dean of Rabbinical College of America, Livingston Township, NJ Mayor Al Anthony and Councilman Ed Meinhardt.Read More

News 12 New Jersey joined an educators tour of LifeTown and shared the story.

New facility for children with special needs opens in LivingstonRead More

WJLP Me-TV3 New Jersey/New York

Thursday WJLP NEWSBREAK 1PM Read More

WMBC-TV LifeTown report

WMBC-TV Hometown Video - Life TownRead More

LifeTown Scenes – Grand Opening

Take a look inside LifeTown just prior to the Grand OpeningRead More

The Jewish Link of New Jersey joined us for the #LifeTown Grand Opening.

Thank you for sharing the story with your readers!Read More

Thank you for bringing awareness to LifeTown!

Meet N.J.'s newest downtown, designed for kids and young adults with special needs. Wouldn't you love to see more downtowns like this? 🙌Read More

When there are no words… at least there are pictures. Many more to come soon.

Thank you to everyone who made this miracle possible!Read More