Ready for Showtime!

Nov 08
LifeTown Theater marquee is looking amazing! Looking forward to hosting shows very soon.

Adaptive reuse in Livingston yields new facility for youth with special needs

Nov 01
LifeTown, a new 53,000-square-foot facility in Livingston, will provide recreational, therapeutic and educational space for children with special needs and their families. The project has resulted in the adaptive reuse of an abandoned warehouse on Microlab Road.

Trees Grow in LifeTown

Oct 30
A delivery of amazing looking trees from Plantscape Inc arrived at LifeTown to be installed in the Village and The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey Sensory Park.

***BREAKING NEWS*** @ LifeTown!

Oct 26
No need to worry about chilly weather on Sunday… there will be plenty of hot apple cider and hot coffee… AND the LifeTown building WILL BE OPEN!

Getting ready for the opening…

Oct 09
Torah to be used at LifeTown.

“And God said, ‘Let the earth sprout vegetation… trees…’ and it was so… a third day.”

Oct 05
LifeTown is looking great inside... and now outside, as landscaping is taking shape

Looking Amazing!

Sep 30
LifeTown is close to receiving the final inspections and CO... and it is looking AMAZING.

LifeTown Coming to Life!

Sep 14
Adding color to LifeTown with paint and amazing wall coverings.

The Finishing Touches!

Aug 31
Walking through LifeTown you can sense the excitement that will very soon fill the halls and rooms when the children, teens and adults are benefiting from all the opportunity that will be offered.