Trees Grow in LifeTown

A delivery of amazing looking trees from Plantscape Inc arrived at LifeTown to be installed in the Village and The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey Sensory Park.

LifeTown is coming to life!

***BREAKING NEWS*** @ LifeTown!

No need to worry about chilly weather on Sunday… there will be plenty of hot apple cider and hot coffee…
AND the LifeTown building WILL BE OPEN!

Join us for FCwalk this Sunday, October 28.
Register & donate NOW @

Come celebrate an AMAZING day…
for AMAZING kids…
at an AMAZING new center!

Getting ready for the opening…

“And God said, ‘Let the earth sprout vegetation… trees…’ and it was so… a third day.”

LifeTown is looking great inside… and now outside, as landscaping is taking shape.