Trees grow in LifeTown!

Trees grow in LifeTown!The finishing touches are going in at LifeTown as it comes to life...For more information, updates and to join the campaign visit our new website @ www.LifeTown.comThank you to Plantscape Inc and Cloudberry Studio for the design and trees... and Hollister Construction Services and Rotwein+Blake Associated Architects PA for their work!#lifetowncomestolife

Posted by FCNJ - Friendship Circle on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Trees grow in LifeTown!

The finishing touches are going in at LifeTown as it comes to life…

Thank you to Plantscape Inc and Cloudberry Studio for the design and trees… and Hollister Construction Services and Rotwein+Blake Associated Architects PA for their work!

Musical Stairs of Joy

The laser sensors are being installed on the main staircase entering LifeTown…

The Musical Stairs of Joy will welcome visitors as they begin their fun-filled, multisensory experience at LifeTown. Traversing the main staircase will activate musical sounds, incentivizing the participants to use the stairs, while encouraging interaction and social experiences.