The New York Times Features LifeTown!

Full page feature article shares the story of LifeTown.

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From Reuters: For special-needs kids, New Jersey rabbi offers chance of a ‘LifeTown’

How ‘LifeTown’ is empowering those with autism to be more independent

  • VIDEO from NJTV: At the heart of any community is its people. But for individuals with special needs, a lack of inclusivity and accessibility can make it tough to feel welcome. Leah Mishkin reports on a new “town” helping those with disabilities gain independence — judgement free.

CBS Shares LifeTown Story – Video #2

Thank you CBS News for sharing the LifeTown story!

LifeTown: A mall that helps children with disabilities learn life skills

WATCH: A state of the art shopping mall is helping children with disabilities learn important life skills.

Posted by CBS News on Monday, February 3, 2020

CBS News Shares LifeTown Story

Thank you CBS News & Hilary Lane for sharing the LifeTown story on CBS stations across the country!

CBS News – LifeTown

Thank you CBS News & Hilary Lane for sharing the LifeTown story on CBS stations across the country!For more info visit

Posted by FCNJ – Friendship Circle on Monday, February 3, 2020

New Jersey Monthly Magazine Shares LifeTown Story

Thank you New Jersey Monthly Magazine for sharing the LifeTown story. A “game changer” for families and the community!

Another Busy Day: Three School Groups

Another busy day at the LifeTown Shoppes… 3 school groups are at LifeTown working on their life and transition skill!

Thank you to the incredible volunteers who staff the stores and make the visit so special for all the students! Let us know if you want to enjoy a very meaningful morning at LifeTown.

Special shout out to Bruriah High School for volunteering today!

Three school groups visited LifeTown today – working on their life and transition skills!
Thank you to Bruriah High School for volunteering today!

USA TODAY & Daily Record LifeTown photo story.