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SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, April 3, in the evening, Harlan Coben will be joining us for the Grand Opening! More details to follow…

Trees grow in LifeTown!

The finishing touches are going in at LifeTown as it comes to life…

Musical Stairs of Joy

The laser sensors are being installed on the main staircase entering LifeTown…

Getting ready to put up 112 Mezuzahs at LifeTown…

Color-coded to match each zone of the building.

What. An. Amazing. Day!!!!

After years of planning, designing, building… LifeTown, The Jerry Gottesman Center, finally came to life and welcomed 100s of children, teens and volunteers.

LifeTown is Alive!!!

Time-lapse tour of LifeTown full of children teens and volunteers… what an amazing Chanukah gift!!!

Getting Ready for Fun!

Filling the cheese pit in the The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey Sensory Park…

LifeTown CO!!!

We are very excited to share that today we received the Certificate of Occupancy for LifeTown. We can’t wait to welcome all the children and families to the many Chanukah events planned at LifeTown!

L’chaim to Life to LifeTown!

The LifeTown sign has been installed above the main entrance as we get ready to welcome all the children and families very soon!

Ready for Showtime!

LifeTown Theater marquee is looking amazing! Looking forward to hosting shows very soon.